My name is Stuart Turner.

I'm an accessibility consultant.

I’m also Quadriplegic.

I can help you answer questions like these:

Is my product, game or process usable if

  • You can’t touch a screen?
  • You can’t type on a keyboard?
  • You can’t hold a phone?

I’ve beta tested a wide range of software, including the accessibility features of iOS and OS X to testing interfaces for the Robot Operating System in collaboration with Professor Chad Jenkins at Brown University.

I also founded Robots and Cake and Inventability. Watch out for more projects. I am available for public speaking on accessibility, robotics and design. You might know me from TedX, Wired2014, CONACYT2015 or Google Firestarters 2016, amongst others.

Day rates are available on request. Non profit organisations can claim a 20% discount. Get in touch.